Dresden Philes

Front Cover of Storm Front


The Dresden Files novels are the core of the Dresden Files series.  While the short stories and comics may provide interesting insights into Harry Dresden’s character, it is the novels that contain the bulk of the plot.

Currently there are eleven books in the series, but at the April 8, 2009 book signing I attended, Jim Butcher said he plans for between nineteen and twenty-one books and than a three part epic finale. 

The books tend to have stand-alone plots, but there a couple that advance the overarching plot line more than provide a tightly wrapped plot of their own. 

Jim Butcher is currently writing one Dresden Files book a year, usually released in April. Despite protests from the fans at the book signing, he indicated that this pace will continue for the foreseeable future.

Clicking on a book title in the left menu will go to my review on each book.  While I try to avoid major spoilers there are some spoilers included.  If you have not read the books, but intend to, it may be smart to avoid the page of any book you have yet to read.

The format for each review includes a listing of the major characters. After the characters, I include a favorite small quote from the book and than a general plot overview with some of my own opinions on the book.