Dresden Philes

Front cover of Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle

This graphic novel is set before Storm Front in the Dresden Files timeline, but was published in 2008. Harry is a little younger, but just as snarky and fun as ever.  The writing style differs from the novels in small ways. The primary way being that there is less writing.  The graphics carry much of the story.

Harry’s relationship with Murphy seems to predate their friendship; they are very formal and not the buddies they are in the novels.  Harry has not changed. Even with fewer words the combination of graphics and words was surprisingly effective in showing Harry.  The characterization matched the novels and the graphics are similar to how I have always pictured him.

The plot centers on Harry being called into investigate an odd death.  The current suspect is an ape.  If Harry cannot find the real killer in one day, the ape will be put to death.

It is interesting to see the characters in a way that the novels cannot duplicate.  The TV show made too many changes to depict the characters as described in the books.  The graphic novel seems to try to match the novel descriptions.

If another Dresden Files graphic novel comes out, I will be sure to buy it.  The story line, mixed with the graphics, makes this well worth the read.