Dresden Philes

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TV Show

The Dresden Files TV show is actually what got me reading the Dresden Files.  I enjoyed the TV show.  I think the actor who played Harry Dresden captured him pretty well, even if he was a little too short.  The actress who played Karrin Murphy was good as well, although she was supposed to be blonde.

Bob is the problem.  In the books Bob is an air elemental residing in a skull.  He is perverted. He is funny.  In the TV show Bob is a stuffy Englishman and former wizard residing in a skull.  In the novels Bob makes a few appearances per book and is usually integral to Harry winning the day. He always says something funny.  He is comic relief. How they came up with the TV version of Bob is beyond me.  Had I read the books first I do not think I would have enjoyed the TV series as much. That might explain its short run of less than one season.

Still, I enjoyed the series. I regret that it was canceled.  Other than Bob, I think they did a good job of capturing the essence of the Dresden Files, even if there were changes. I even liked Bob, until I read about the real Bob.